Smart links

Sometimes, you don't want your followers clicking twice to get to a super important link. Maybe it's your new blog post, or your new YouTube video, or a link to your upcoming event.

Enter the smart link. Rather than updating all of your links across all of your social media platforms, you can just update the one link on your Beacons page. When visitors come to your Beacons page, they will automatically get forwarded to that one selected link. As a bonus, we'll also report to you how many clicks you got šŸ˜Ž

Step 1: Go to your Beacons account:

Step 2: Go to the Links tab

Step 3: Click the Lightning bolt icon under the link you want to make into a smart link

Step 4: Select a start date

Step 5: Select an end date

Your smart link is now set! The lightning bolt symbol should now be yellow:

Once the time expires, your link will automatically be placed back onto your page.


Bonus tips:

  • If you don't set a start time, your smart link will go into effect immediately.
  • If you don't set an end time, your link will permanently stay smart.
  • You can only set one smart link at a time.
  • You can set a regular schedule and a smart link schedule for the same link. If the two overlap, the smart link schedule will have priority.

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