What is Beacons

Beacons is a mobile-focused website builder that gives you a way to use the one link allowed in a TikTok, Instagram or Twitter bio to better engage with and monetize your fans. With your unique Beacons page, hosted at Beacons.page/yourusername, you can display all of your social links and content in a single landing page that you can personalize to your brand. Create your free Beacons page in 5 minutes with Beacons' simple builder, and join over 500,000 creators in growing your audience, building your brand, and generating income.

See some of the Beacons pages creators are building with by visiting our gallery: https://beacons.ai/gallery

Just some of what you get with Beacons:

  • Unique landing page and URL: Beacons.page/yourusername
  • Advanced control over the design of your page
  • Link to all of your social platforms
  • Sell digital products, accept donations & take paid requests
  • Embed videos & music directly into your page
  • Collect email addresses & phone numbers
  • Analytics on page visitors & the actions they are taking on your page
  • New Features are added all the time

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