What is a Block

Your Beacons page is comprised of a variety of different blocks, which are sections on your page that serve a different purpose. For instance, the top of your page usually features the Header block, which includes a profile picture & social media tags. Beacons gives you the flexibility to pick-and-choose which blocks you'd like to use.

Tips for Using Blocks
  1. By checking under home, you can view which blocks are currently added to your page. By selecting Add new block, you can add additional blocks to your page. 
  2. Blocks can be also drag-and-dropped to change the order in which they appear on your page. If you'd like to promote your new YouTube video, Beacons let's you embed your video at the very top of your page.
If you upgrade to Beacons Premium your YouTube feed is kept up to date automatically
  1. In order to edit a block, you can select Edit or you can select the block itself on the live preview of your page. 
  2. Every block will have buttons in the top to further customize the block
    1. The toggle next to the block title turns the block on or off
    2. The "?" Provides additional tips for the block
    3. The Trash Can deletes the block
    4. The Up arrow minimizes the block and shows you the rest of your blocks

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