Report a Violation

‍Trust and safety are major priorities for Beacons. We've created our Community Standards to articulate what is and isn't allowed on our platform. Please review these standards. All Beacons users must abide by these standards to continue using the Beacons platform. If you come across any content on a Beacons page that violates these Community Standards, please fill out and complete a Report Violation form.

Please click on the above link, fill out the requested information and click submit when finished.

Our Creator Support team will then investigate the reported violation as soon as possible. We take these instances very seriously and will take swift action. Thank you for ensuring that our Beacons community is a safe place.

You can also access the Report Violation form from the Beacons Link-in-Bio page.

If you have any questions, please contact our creator support team by emailing

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